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Tadeu Vieira



Marcos Tadeu Vieira, 37, aka Tadeu, is an IT Software Architect and keyboardist of Hekate’s Torch band. Do not be surprised if you see him playing other instruments though. This Brazilian self-learning multi-instrumentalist has been influenced by classical rock, melodic metal, psychedelic rock and some jazz-style experiences. 


He started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 15, learning Brazilian rock band songs like Legião Urbana and Capital Inicial. Then, he was invited to play at church, developing his improvisation and “play by ear” skills. In the church he also had the opportunity to learn and play other instruments, like bass, keyboard, viola caipira (a typical Brazilian 10-strings guitar) and harmonica. During his time at College, he took some self-paced Classical Guitar lessons, which improved his knowledge of music theory and arrangement creation skills.


He contributed to some authoring projects in his church in Brazil and played with some cover pop/rock bands as well. His concentrated and “feel-the-music” style on the stage reflects his spirit of innovation and experimentation he tries to pursue. What to expect of him? As an IT professional who sometimes thinks out-of-the-box to solve complex problems, he will contribute by bringing unconventional and novel arrangements to give the band a unique identity.

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